FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

I have some questions on connection.

I think the best solution is a GSM modem and I found this one - a bit costly but will it work OK with any PAYG SIM? Also cannot find any information on whether it is quad band or is that not an issue.


Would this work for both the MAC AND PC use?  Any suggestions on a quad GSM modem would be helpful

Many thanks

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Hi Sokari

That modem should be fine. As far as prices go, that's not too bad to be honest. As for working with any PAYG SIM, it *looks* like it will but you're best to check. Most of these modems are unlocked, so they can be used on any network in any country, but it's best not to assume that. And since it says it has drivers for Windows (PC) and Mac, it should work on both.

Good luck with this - feel free to email me, Sokari, if you want to ask anything independently.

Thanks Ken - I will check this out re whether its unlocked. I have decided to keep my PC which I could use as a hub. At the moment its just that I want to understand the workings so we can later use it for the Gender and Militarism research project.


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