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Contacts deleted: Copy and past from one group to another

I have been using FLSMS for a little over two years now. My deployment of FrontlineSMS has been used for surveys, collecting reports, external commands, auto reply function, forwarding SMS messages to my website, using short code and reverse charges.

Two weeks ago, I experienced something strange with the tool.

I copied some contacts from and existing group and pasted them into a new group. After few days, I then deleted the new group and its contacts. Upon this, I instantly noticed that the same contacts were also deleted from the existing contacts.

This is a serious problem and I do not know what went wrong, However, because I earlier exported the contacts, I was able to import the deleted contacts.

If you have had this experience, please tell me what to do to avoid this in the future.

What do you think might have been the cause?

Can this be a bug in the tool?

Let me hear from you.


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Hi Carter!

Thanks for posting. I have not encountered this issue before, so I will duplicate your steps to test it out. I will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know what I found.



Hi Carter,

I tested your issue but I am unable to reproduce the problem. Can you tell me the exact steps you took when you copied contacts from one group and pasted it into another. I am unable to perform the copy and paste function (by 'Ctrl C', 'Ctrl V' or otherwise). The only way that I can copy contacts from one group to another is by selecting all contacts, then right clicking and then selecting 'Add to group'. Is this what you also did?

Also - if you click the 'Delete contacts' button, this action will delete the contacts from the group, from all other groups and the entire database. If you click on the Delete [groups] button which is located in the left pane at the bottom, this action should only delete the group. In fact, when you click the Delete [groups] button, a pop up box should appear asking you if you would also like to delete the contacts from the database. If you clicked on the Delete Contacts button, this would be why you lost all your contacts.

Let me know if this makes sense. But do please let me know what steps you took to copy and paste contacts from one group to another so that I can try again.



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