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Hi, i found out that Nokia C1-01 can be detected by FrontlineSMS but could not connect to it. It not in the list of devices posted in the site. Is it not supported? What can be done to support it?

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Hi Melton,

Thank you for getting in touch on the forum about this. The list of devices available on the FrontlineSMS website are devices the team have directly tested and have shown to be working. We have not directly tested the Nokia C1-01 before, so cannot guarantee that it is compatible with FrontlineSMS. If it is not compatible you may have to try another device which is compatible.

However some users have reported testing this device successfully in our crowd-sourced database, so it may be worth doing a little more troubleshooting before you try a new device. Could I check, which version of FrontlineSMS are you using? And which operating system? As well as our troubleshooting advice, you may also find it helpful to run through our FAQ (which includes tips what to do if you are having problems getting set up on a Mac, for example).

Let us know how you get along, and if you need further assistance.



Hi Florence,


Im using FrontlineSMS version and Windows7 64-bit. I tried over and over for days already. I hope I could get some help from you or from the team.




Hi Melton,

Thanks for your reply, and I'm sorry to hear you're still having issues with connecting your device. Just to check, are you seeking to get started with FrontlineSMS or FrontlineForms? The Nokia C1-01 is a java enabled device that has been tested successfully by users to work with FrontlineForms. However, this does not mean it will be compatible with the core platform, and as mentioned it has not been tested directly by the team here, so I'm afraid it may not be compatible. We do recommend modems over phones to use with the core platform, as outlined on our website here. I can check in with the team and see if they have any further advice they are able to add here.

All the Best


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