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Debug help with configuring HTTPResponse? Where do I find the Logs on Windows?

Hi everyone
Trying to set up a FrontlineSMS instance in East Jerusalem. In a remote support role. On Windows Vista or 7. SMS are received correctly through the connected phone. Configured HTTPResponse on <None> to point at our Drupal instance (I set up an end point mimicking the Ushahidi API). This endpoint definitely functional. Only other keyword there is <MMS>.
When an SMS is received, there is subsequently no HTTP request received on our Drupal instance (from apache logs). And there is no visible error on FrontlineSMS.
My questions:
* Trying to find the Log file on this Windows Vista or Windows 7 machine, but can not. Where do I look for it?
* We "reported an error", and emailed the log file in, giving my email. Are these log files accessible somehow?
* Any other ideas on what the HTTPResponse isn't being triggered?
Thanks for any help!

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Hi Mikel,

Thanks for getting in touch. You should be able to find your logs via 'Showing Configuration Location' (under Help menu in FrontlineSMS). When you go to the config file location you should see a folder containing your logs.

In terms of further suggestions, our Lead Developer suggested that it could be helpful for us to see a screenshot of your action config to try to work out why your experiencing this problem?

Keep us posted on how you get on, and let us know if we can be of further help.

Many thanks


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