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Hi Rachid,


Are you deleting the form from the phone or from FLSMS? If from the phone, it might be easiest to just delete the FrontlineForms app and everything, then do a fresh install. If you're trying to delete from the FrontlineSMS application on the computer, do you really need to delete this form? I know that's not a very satisfying answer, I'm just trying to help you get running quickly.




Hi Isaac,

I'm actually trying to deleting it on the FLSMS, but I suppose I don't really need to delete it, was just trying to tidy it up a bit.



Hi Rachid,


Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry to hear you've been having trouble with Forms. It would be great if you could give us some additional information about the above error. Firstly, it would be useful to know which version of FrontlineSMS you are running? Could you also please explain what task you were trying to carry out when this error occurred? With some extra information our software developers will hopefully be able to help.


All the Best,


HI florence


I'm on version  I was trying to delete old forms when the error came up saying unable to delete.  I have now reinstalled a new version and am creating forms again.  I have another more urgent problem which is that I am not receiving forms to my phone  - have started a seperate discussion on this





Hi Rachid,


Ok, thanks very much for clarifying, and I am glad you managed to fix this problem.


I will let our developer team know you are still having problems receiving forms to your phone, and see if they can provide you with some support in response to your seperate discussion on this - Form problems, Nokia 2330.


Hope we can help you solve this problem soon!


Best Wishes,


Hi Florence,

I have a similar challenge on my end where FLSMS does not allow me to delete any existing contacts or forms. Any time i try to delete, the attached error comes up. Please let me know how i should go about this.



Hi Joel,

I have looked at the document you have sent. Please upload the logs from the error message. That is the only way we can tell what the problem is. From the error popup click on the details button and copy the details that show up.



Hi Attached is the file.



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