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Is anyone associated with FrontlineSMS, Medic Mobile etc currently located in Peru or Bolivia?

We are partnering with a local NGO in order to implement and evaluate the impact of reproductive health information and the scheduling of appointments via SMS.

We would be interested in sharing information and experiences in order assist with the implementation of one of these SMS software platforms.





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Hi Dylan!

I'm Neither located in Peru nor in Bolivia but I would love to help you guys. Seems like you are going to develop a SMS based system and that's my field... . Let me know if you need my assistance.




Not in South America, but we used SMS in a health project in rural China. Please keep me posted about your project, or contact for any questions you might have.



i´M IN Argentina using the generic FrontlineSMS but can apply Medic Mobile too . Let me know how U can help you


Hi Dylan,


You may have tried this already, but it may help to search the forum for 'Peru' and 'Bolivia' and reach out to relevant users directly, too. It sounds like you are starting some really interesting research, so please do keep us posted and let us know if there are further ways we can be of help. 




Talking about m-health: this 2011 study done by Cambridge University and China Mobile might be of interest in general:

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