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Dear Freind i m using the frontline sms for my project SMP
in which i want to send sms through frontline sms.
but i want to send sms directly. dont use the IDE.
just i insert data in the database. and the frontline sms will send the sms in a particular number

help me

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Hello Dodo,

you can implement this easily thanks to one of the new features of FrontlineSMS v1.6: the HTTP Trigger.
You can then write a small web script which would take the data in your database, and would pass it through FrontlineSMS via HTTP.
For full details about this feature, read the FrontlineSMS v1.6.12 help files.

Morgan \o/
Thanks Morgan Belkadi
i m going to try the FrontlineSMS v1.6.12
The HTTP Triger feature.
if i feel any problem i ask to you
hi Dear Morgan Belkadi

i have tried frontlineSMS v1.6 HTTP Triger.
i m facing the problem
i visited the lin
FrontlineSMS v1.6.12 help files

but will you please tell me more detail about it
how to use HTTP tiger


Dodo Khan Seelro

have you set up an HTTP Trigger, as explained in the help, or not yet?

i have only start the port only...
other istruction are not clear to me.
will you please tell me about it..
please tell me the steps in the texture format

Dodo Khan Seelro
Ok, set up a listener on port 8080, for example.

Then in your internet browser, go to this url :
http://localhost:8080/send/sms/000/This is a test!/

Then look in your FrontlineSMS, and you should see that a message has been sent to the test Number (000).

Then use this feature to do what you want to do :-)
Enjoy! \o/
hy Morgan Belkadi
thanks alot Dear
i have done it now i m using it in my project

but i face any problem i will contact you
thaanks again


Dodo Khan Seelro
No problem!


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