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Within the messages tab, is there a way to display the name of the sender as opposed to the number?  It is displayed in this format within the home tab and is so much easier to identify who has replied.

Many thanks


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Hi Faisal,

I am only able to see the names in the home tab also. In the messages tab, the way that you can see who sent which message is to either:

a) right click on the individual message in the inbox and then select 'Message Details'. This displays a pop up box with the name of the sender (of course the name would only be displayed if you have entered the name and number as a contact in the contacts tab)

b) click on the name of a contact in the left pane of the messages tab to see the messages that that contact has sent/received.

I will check around to see if there is any other way to rectify this.

I hope this helps!


Hi Faisal,

Sorry for the delay in reply, I was able to double check this with our developer team: I can confirm that the name of the sender will only be displayed in the home tab and not in the messages tab. I realize that it would be easier if the name was displayed in the messages tab, but the way to get around this are the ways that I suggested below.

We have taken this issue into consideration for a fix in a later release.



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