FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

When an SMS is received I can see the SMS with the phone number which sent it, but then I have to go to "contacts" and search for that number in order to look up the name of the person who sent it.  Could the name of the person who sends an SMS be displayed alongside the SMS (as it would be in a mobile phone), if the sender is in the contact list ?

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Hi Elaine,

Unfortunately, you can only see the name of the person who sent the message in the 'Home' tab. The 'Messages' tab only shows the phone number that sent the message and not the actual name. I know that this is not ideal, but there are a coupIe workaround ways in which you can see who sent which message in the 'Messages' tab. You can either:

a) right click on the individual message in the inbox and then select 'Message Details'. This displays a pop up box with the name of the sender (of course the name would only be displayed if you have entered the name and number as a contact in the contacts tab)


b) click on the name of a contact in the left pane of the messages tab to see the messages that that contact has sent/received.

I hope this helps!


Thanks Kavita, however I don't see anything in the home tab, and if I right click a message and go to the message details still only the number is shown, not the sender's name, even though the sender is in my contacts.  Also I need to see who the message is from before I can click on their name in the contacts tab. 

The only way I can know who the message is from is by copying the number, going to the contacts tab, clicking "all contacts", pasting the number and clicking search, which is cumbersome.  I suggest for a future improvement to the system that the name of a message sender is displayed beside the message in the messages tab, if the sender is in the contacts list.

Best wishes


Hi Elaine,

You really should be seeing the name in the Home tab. Try saving the phone number with the international dialing code. For example, if you have saved the phone number as 0111111111. Go into the contacts tab and edit this number to be +44111111111 [of course you replace the 44 with whatever the international dialing code for your country is].

Please let me know if this does not work. As I mentioned, it is a problem that the name does not show up in the messages tab, but for all the other places that I mentioned in my first email, it should show up.


Ok I changed the contact number format to the international code and now the "right-click-message-view-details" does show up the sender's name (there is nothing in the home tab - probably because the messages were not received recently?).  It is going to be tedious to change all the numbers from local format to international format - is there any automatic way to do this ?  (if not, I suggest it as a feature)  Also I still think it would be good if the sender's name is shown in the message list to prevent the need for right clicking each message.  Another suggestion is to put the words "international format" in brackets beside "mobile number" tickbox in the import dialog box so that people know that when importing contacts they should use the international format of the number for these features to work, or else make the features not sensitive to local/international format difference (most phones do this).

Hi Elaine,

Assuming that your FrontlineSMS contacts is located in one area where the international dialing code is the same for all contacts - my guess is that you can export all your contacts to an excel spreadsheet, use an append query to add the international dialing code to the front of all numbers and then export the contacts back in again. (I know it sounds cumbersome but its the fastest way that  I can think of).

We have definitely made a note to have the application display the name in the messages tab in the next release. You also made some really great suggestions and Ill make sure that they get passed on to our development team as possible enhancements for future releases.

Thanks so much Elaine and please do let me know if you need help with anything else!


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