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Do multiple groups mean multiple texts for one contact?


i'm planning on using FrontlineSMS and to put my contacts into different 'groups'.

sometimes the same message will be going to multiple groups so i just wondered if someone who appears in more than one group will get the same text numerous times?

if so, is there any way to stop this happening?

thanks a lot

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Hi Mark,

If a message is sent to a group, all users in that group will receive that message. Hence if the same contact is a member of 4 groups and you send the same message to each of the 4 groups, then that contact will get the same message 4 times. Unfortunately, there is no specific functionality to detect if a person is receiving the same message more than once and to prevent that action form occurring. If you plan on sending the same message to multiple groups often, Id suggest that you create  a group with all of your contacts or at least the ones that are likely to receive a 'blast' text frequently.

You can read more about groups here. I hope I answered your question!


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