FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

I tried searching the forum for an answer to this question but haven't found anything.

Does anyone know if FrontlineForms will work properly when a dedicated short code (such as "1234") is entered into the Server Phone number in settings of the Forms application on the phone?

Many thanks.


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Hi Ryan,

This shouldn't be a problem - FrontlineForms can work with a local server number or international server number, so a shortcode should work also.

Out of interest, why are you looking at using a shortcode for FrontlineForms? Are you getting preferential rates on mobile-originated SMS?

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply. My project team is considering different models so that form submitters aren't charged for sending SMS out. We are developing proposals to different Namibian telecom companies to see if they can support us with a toll free number or short code.

We are going to be piloting this system in the Omaheke region of Namibia over the next few months to collect data on OVC (orphan and vulnerable child) well-being using a closed system of preselected messengers with the form installed on their phones. I could see how a short code wouldn't necessarily be needed for this type of system initially, but if we are able to demonstrate "proof of concept" with this project, we eventually hope to open it up to anyone and the use of a short code could make this system more accessible to all.

Do you have any thoughts?

Hi Ryan,

Clickatell offer shortcodes in Namibia, and you can have a look at the pricing here, and you should be able to use this with FrontlineSMS. It doesn't say they have reverse-charged shortcodes, but it's worth asking.

If you get a shortcode directly from an operator, you might need to do a bit of work to integrate with FrontlineSMS, but it's normally not complicated, and you can get help and advice from the developers mailing list.

Hope that helps,


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