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Does VisiontekUSB GSM modem support sending/receiving text messages in FrontlineSMS?

Dear All,

I have tried Visiontek USB GSM modem with Airtel connection for sending/receiving SMS text message through FrontlineSMS in Kolkata, West Bengal, India but without success. This device is being detected both in COM 5 port in working device window and COM 4 post in non-working device window as HSPDA Data card. But I can not send /receive sms in the group fprmed.

Will anybody explain the situation and help me out ?

Best wishes,

Dr.Tusharkanti Dey

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Hi Dr.Tusharkanti Dey

Thanks for getting in touch about this, and sorry to hear that you are having problems with sending and receiving messages. Just to check, have you managed to successfully get this device to show as 'Connected' in the working devices window in the Phones tab of FrontlineSMS?

If you haven't done so already, it could be helpful for you to run through the advice in the troubleshooting section of our help files and also the guide here on our website.

There are a few things that may get in the way/ prevent FrontlineSMS from sending and receiving messages. For example, you should shut down any software running in the background which may be grabbing the incoming messages before FrontlineSMS gets to them. Also, in the "Phones" tab, right-click on the device you're using to receive and check that "Use for sending" and "use for receiving" options are ticked. For further information, see the resources I've linked to above.

I hope this proves helpful, but if you continue to have problems with this or have any further questions please do let us know.

Thanks and Best Wishes


Dear Florence,

I did actually what you had suggested. But VisionTek didnot work. I think the device id not compatible with FrontlineSMS as the device is being shown as hpsdatacard both in working device window in COM5 and nonworking device in COM4

what do you suggest? Pl send me the Hwuaeii modem as has been intimated separately.


Dr.Tusharkanti Dey

Hi Dr.Tusharkanti Dey,

Thanks for following up here. It sounds like the device you are currently using may not be compatible with FrontlineSMS, if its showing in the non-working devices window. Its not a device that we have tested / heard of working previously, I'm afraid.

I will follow up with you regarding the Huawei modem via email, and I hope we can help you get up and running as soon as possible.

Many thanks


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