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Hi there,


I have just recently downloaded FLSMS version and am testing it out before we start using it with some community radio stations in Zambia. It mostly seems to be working fine except that the occasional message received is being duplicated multiple times. This in turn triggers the sending of multiple responses based on the keyword that is in that text. In short, one message becomes 30 messages, triggering 30 responses, and my balance goes down a whole lot faster than desired!


Any idea why this is happening? I'm using a Huawei E1550 modem.


And whilst I'm at it, is there a way to change the currency of the cost estimator down in the bottom righthand corner?


Will appreciate any advice you can offer! Many thanks.

(In case it's not already apparent, I'm not fantastically tech savvy, so the more layman's speak you use, the better)



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Hi Kate


Sorry to hear you're having problems with this.


Is there any pattern to the multiple incoming texts, i.e. are they coming from the same phone? Are they coming in with the same time stamp (which is displayed on the "Home" screen), or are the times different?


Although this is unlikely the cause, you might want to check that FrontlineSMS is deleting the messages from the modem once they're read. You can do this by going to the "Phones" tab, and then right-clicking on the modem name in the list, and selecting the settings. Make sure that messages are deleted after receipt by ticking the appropriate box. (If this wasn't ticked then it may be the problem, so see how you get on from now on in).


If that doesn't solve it, the next time this happens can you go to the "Help" menu and submit an error report, and let us know when you've done it. We can then get Alex, our lead developer, to take a look at what's going on.





Wow. What a swift reply. Thanks Ken.


So far the texts are all from the same phone (given that I'm only testing it with two phones though I'm not sure whether that's significant) and they are coming in with the same time stamp. Thus far it's happened twice in the space of 10 received messages. I just double-checked and there were 57 duplicates in total when it last happened.


I checked the phones tab as suggested and the 'delete messages from phone' box was already ticked, so that's not the problem.


I'll continue sending texts and will submit a report when/ if it happens again.


Thanks for the help,


Hi Kate,

In my opinion, your problem sounds to be comming from ISP. It same in the phone when it is not connected to your Laptop yet. I had the problem with my fone inthe past. All the time i was smsing this one was doubled in the receivers. Try to be check out your sms parameters of the modem you are using. You can also, restore factory settings may be it gonna solve your problem.

I'm sure it is not FLSMS issue.



Hello Kate,


this is weird indeed.
First of all, can you confirm this doesn't happen with your SIM card when it is inside a common mobile phone? And have you tried using your Huawei modem on another computer and check if messages are being duplicated as well? 


Regarding the currency symbol, it is currently attached to the language you are using. FrontlineSMS v1.7 will let you manage your currencies easily.


Best of luck,


What a helpful community! Thanks Morgan and David. Can confirm that it doesn't happen with the SIM when inside a normal phone (it's my regular phone SIM incidentally). I will try test out the use of the modem on a diff computer to see if that changes anything. But as I said, it's only happened with that SIM twice in the 10 or so times that FLSMS has received a msg from it, so there's no obvious pattern.

Will also check modem parameters as you suggest David (as soon as I can figure out how on earth one does that... ;)


Incidentally, I notice in the phone tabs that the status of the modem is listed as "duplicate connection". Not sure if that signifies anything important.


And thanks for the currency info Morgan. Will look forward to v7.


Will let you know when/ if the issue reoccurs. Have sent 7 texts in the past 10mins and so far so good.



Hi Kate,


do you see the "duplicate connection" message on one single line?

It might be worth checking if in some cases, your device is not recognized twice and then triggers an action twice for each text. If you happen to see two lines referencing the same device, try disabling one and see how it goes.


Hope that helps a bit.


Hi Kate,


It would also be good if you can increase your logging level - this should give us much clearer details to the cause of the duplicate messages if they occur again.


Here are instructions for increasing the logging: modify file in ~/FrontlineSMS/properties/.  Change the line:







Duplicate connection is only in the non-working devices. In windows when ejecting the USB stick / modem there are two entries - one is a data store containing e.g. user manual etc and am guessing the other could be the actual modem? On the working devices, the status is 'Connected'.


I can't see anything that needs to be disabled.



Have changed those settings... and am about to send an error report - hopefully that will give you something. unfortunately the duplicate messages haven't been appearing again, but there are two other things I have noticed:


1) The automatic replies that are triggered by the keywords are said to have been sent even though they haven't (the SIM currently has no credit)

2) The timestamp for the replies is different between the homescreen and the Messages screen. Strangely the message screen shows them as having been sent before the original message was received.


Will let you know if any other duplicates arrive.....

the error message report failed, but did manage to generate a compressed log file (see attached)...




Hi again Alex. Any further ideas on what could be causing the multiple messages? It happened again today. I'm also struggling to submit error reports.


We're meant to be putting this out to our partnering community radio stations next week so any help would be really appreciated.




Hi Kate,


We've uncovered a bug that is causing these duplicate messages and are working on a fix.  I will let you know when a test build is available containing the fix.



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