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"Echo"ing an External Command as a FrontlineSMS command

I am working on creating various scripts that will interact with the exported csv file that FrontlineSMS creates and I am having problems with the following.


Shouldn't this External Command work and cause FLSMS to send a message to "000"?

Echo <frontlineSMS><sms><text>Message</text><to number="000"/></sms></frontlineSMS>


I have also tried using a python script containing the following

print "<frontlineSMS><sms><text>Message</text><to number="000"/></sms></frontlineSMS>"


This does not seem to function either.  I have selected "Response Type : FrontlineSMS command" in both cases.


Is there something else I should be doing here to get this to function?  Am I not understanding some basic principle of passing FrontlineSMS commands?

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Hi Tom

Thanks for posting! Our developer team are on holiday for the next day or so but I'll ask them to have a look when they're back. In the mean time, it may be  that someone else in the community can help. Hope it's ok to have a couple of days' delay.

Happy New Year!


Hi Tom,

I've just tested this with the attached bash script, and it's working fine for me.

I guess it's worth double checking that the script is executing - try changing the response handling for the external command to "Plain Text" instead of "FrontlineSMS Commands" and add the following to the Message response text: ${command_response}

This should generate a response message containing your XML - if the script is being called correctly.

If your script isn't being called, it's worth checking:

1. there are no spaces in the path to the script

2. you've specified the full path to the script

3. the script has executable rights (if you're not on windows)

Hope that helps a bit!


Hello Alex,

Here is the scoop. 

My script was in the python working directory not FrontlineSMS fixed that - now in FSMS working directory.

Used full path to script file

AND... needed to escape the quotation marks around the number to dial so the script looks like this:

print "<frontlineSMS><sms><text>Message</text><to number=\"123456\"/></sms></frontlineSMS>"

It works now!


Thanks for helping me trouble shoot this one.

Also there was no need to give the script executable rights if it is called as follows:

python path/to/FSMS/installation/

Hi Tom,

Its really great to hear that Alex's tips helped here, and that this is now working for you - thanks for letting us know! \o/

All the Best


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