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1.) I needed to know if there is any option to send email broadcasts just like sms apart from how it is done using keywords for incoming messages.(We might need this implementation in case user misplaces their handset.) Also, i get error when i right-click on empty Email History window saying "Unexpected error". I have submitted the error logs.

2.) Is there any way to schedule sms messages that need to be broadcast after say 24hrs or at specific time. I don't want to send sms immediately.


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Hi Varun

in response: (1) FrontlineSMS does not support regular emailing, unless it is triggered by a keyword, so what you want to do here isn't possible. With the error you're getting, Alex can take a look when he gets a minute (if you've got a moment and want to add this bug to Trac via our Sourceforge page, feel free).

On (2), we don't yet have a scheduling module but a couple of people have been talking about doing something, and we do have a feature in the next release - HTTP Trigger - which will allow an external program to pass messages to FrontlineSMS for sending.

Hope some of that helps.

Hi Ken

Thanks for the info...


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