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I sent about 4500 sms during the last week. When I now use my USB-modem (to use internet for example), I constantly get notifications from my embedded software saying: 'Send successfully to:[phone nr], 2011-04-21 ,08:42:31' or 'Send delayed to:[phone nr],2011-04-21 08:42:3'. This message doesn't dissapear from my screan untill I click 'OK'.

Has this problem been reported and is there any way to turn this off?


Thank you.



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Hi Ruben


If the messages are being successfully sent, then I'd just check the settings within your USB modem software to cancel notifications. It sounds as though it's picking up on messages sent via FrontlineSMS and playing catch-up. Alex may have some thoughts, but if the messages are arriving and you can turn off these notifications, I'd go that route. I've not heard of this before.


Let us know how you get on,



Sounds spot on to me, Ken - these look like delivery notifications and can be disabled per-device from the FrontlineSMS Phones/Connections tab.

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