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Error using FLSMS - - sendig message to +447716355738

Hi all

I wonder if you guys can help us to figure out what happen with our connection recently - re: FLSMS? (I'm a graduate student doing a pilot in an agency that works with sexual health care. Our pilot involves using FLSMS as a text-service).


One of the staff sent a text to a client and the message was pending for more than 10 mts. I was with her when it happens, so I decided to rebut FLSMS and after several times trying to connect the cell (sony ericsson W200i/W200c ), the system finally recognized the phone (which has been connected - working before). When it connected, FLSMS automatically sent a text to this number: +447716355738 (we don't have idea about this number), with this content: Σ ,,AAABMGvjXq8,Windows Vista 6.0,02/12/2011,54,80,18,189,112,6,8,2,MoV235:SoW200i/W200c.

Any info/ advice that you guys could share with us?

I am also wondering how to fix these bugs. The agency keeps FLSMS running 24/7 (since is an outreach service for clients). Could be this the issue? What would be the best options to keep FLSMS connected (we truly don't want to lose/miss client texts!).

BTW we are in Edmonton, Canada. Thanks so much in advance for any advice


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Hi Angela,

Thanks so much for getting in touch about this, and sorry to hear you've been experiencing this issue. I just wanted to let you know that I've passed this onto our developer team, and we will get back to you with some further advice / information as soon as possible.

All the Best


Thanks Florence, :-)

Hi Angela,

Thanks for your reply :) It turns out the message that was sent through your system automatically was your usage statistics getting sent back to the team here at FrontlineSMS. You will have opted-in to send us this information, but you should be able to turn this off if you would no longer like to send your usage data through to us.

You mention a concern about bugs in the system based on the long period of time you have it on for. Are there other bugs that you've recently experienced? 



Hi Angela,

Just to add to the above, I've discussed this with the team here further and they suggested it might be a good idea for you to have a regular / scheduled reboot of your system (ensuring you are careful not to let pending incoming messages get pulled into the modem's software). This should help to keep the system running well, and prevent overheating of your PC and your modem.

Hope this helps; let us know if you need further assistance.




Hi Florence. Thanks so much for replying so quickly to my message. Knowing that the message was sent it to FLSMS statistics team is a big relief since we (at the pilot) work with confidential data and even when we did create and follow a protocol to protect the identity of clients, I think is important for us (especially for the ORG) to know where this message was sent to and why.

Another 'bug' or difficulty just happen a couple months ago. At that time, we were not sure if messages where sent, so we decide to test and sent a message, instead of rebooting FLSMS. We create the message and we sent it to an user as a test, but the software just froze and after minutes, it took the message and sent it to all the contacts saved in FLSMS (which included clients). We were able to stop it just by abruptly closing FLSMS, but I am pretty sure this was not the best way to do it. We are not aware of loosing any data or messages, but I wonder even if we are receiving clients's messages sometimes, because FLSMS is connected 24/7.

Certainly, we will start to reboot the software every two days at least from now on. Thanks for this advice.

We do have some needs for our pilot, but these are not bugs, just areas that may need further development. I wonder Florence if this is the place where we could share those specific needs with FLSMS team?

Thanks so much!!!


Hi Angela,

Great to hear back from you. FrontlineSMS should ask you each time it plans to send your usage stats to us (perhaps this was missed due to the reboot on the occasion you've mentioned above..). Usually a pop up box will appear which looks the same as that which can be accessed via Help>Send Statistics within FrontlineSMS software. As you should see in this box there is a question asking 'Can we collect this information?' If you would not like to send any stats just select 'No' when this box appears.

With regards to the other bug you've mentioned, I'm not sure why you would have experienced this, I'm afraid, but will pass it onto our developer team. We would likely need to see your logs from the time you experienced the bug to get to the bottom of this fully (which due to the time lag may not be possible), but we will certainly record this bug, and let you know if we can provide any further information on why it happened. I don't think you will be losing any messages, but think regularly rebooting your system will certainly help to keep it running smoothly (also, as I've said ensure you are careful not to let pending incoming messages get pulled into the modem's software when rebooting).

It would be great if you could report any bugs and make any feature requests here on the forum (you could start a new discussion titled 'Feature Request' / 'Bug Report' in the forum) and then I can pass these onto our developer team.

Thanks very much, and I look forward to staying in touch as your project progresses!

All the Best


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