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Our Frontline SMS is now receiving text messages, which is making us very happy. We now need to know how to export the messages as a .csv file and import them into Access 97. Any hints and tips?

I am also trying to set up the email. I have tried both and with ports of 465 and 993 but both say smtp not available? Again, any hints :)

Many thanks


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Hi Anne-Marie,

Glad to hear FrontlineSMS is working for you. Could you confirm which version of FronlineSMS you are using? The import to Access 97 should be possible via CSV in both V1 and V2. For instructions on CSV export from version one, see the online help files. In version two, instructions are in the in-app help files, under "How do I export an Activity?"

In Access 97, there is an Import wizard that accepts CSV files - this should happily import the file from FrontlineSMS. If you intend to import into an existing table structure, Access 97 may have the option to map columns from a CSV into particular columns in your database, though unfortunately I don't have a copy of the software to confirm this. If this is unavailable, you can also achieve this by first editing the CSV file in Excel and setting the column titles to match your database table column names, then importing the edited CSV.

Regarding email setup, the following assumes you are using version 1 (email setup in version 2 is only available in pre-release betas and is not fully tested). You can try on port 587 as well, see this link for google's instructions. If this still does not work, please send us your logs and we can have a look into it.

Hope this helps, let us know if you need any more advice on any of the above.



Hi Sitati,

Thanks for the quick response and the links, very helpful! We will try the export function on Friday when we test with a few messages.

it has thrown up a couple more questions. We will be asking our listeners so send in their question/query along with their name, age, location, occupation and gender. For the keyword function does that need to be set up in advance? I would want messages by location for example to go into a group folder but we dont know yet which places people will be texting from?

Also I need advice on how to add the live text streaming functionality to our website. Is there a manual or somewhere that tells us how to add code or what we need to do? ideally it would be a small widget on the side of our home page which updates as the texts come in :)



To add people to a group based on their location using keywords, you would have to first define the list of possible locations, then use these as keywords to add the user to the group. Unfortunately it is not possible to add people into groups without defining the group first, and knowing which keywords to look out for. A manual workaround would be to create groups after collecting the data and use search to find all messages that match each location.

As for the website widget, this isn't functionality we provide ourselves, but it could be implemented using a script that reads from your FrontlineSMS database, or using HTTP triggers to push received messages to an external service that handles the widget. In both cases though, this requires creation of a bespoke web service for your application.

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