FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

Am on project where frontlinesms will recieve a name of a country (being
a keyword)  and call external program which i have already designed
that will look up to a database server running locally on my system and
retrieve few info about that country and send back to a phone.


Independent 1960:
Continent: Africa

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Hi Amaefula

Thanks for posting this - sounds very interesting.

Is there a question anywhere here, or are you just telling us what you're doing?


Oh! forgot.....
I have been able to use external commands.

1.How can i realy make frontlinesms interact with my database i set using Setting>Database setting from the menu bar.
2.How can i get the message content and use it in my external command(HTTP request)

1. Just put the right MySQL settings in the database settings dialog, and restart FrontlineSMS.
2. Open the External Command dialog, and include the message content by clicking on it.


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