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Please how can i solve the probleme of fatal error when startint Frontline. i have already create a form but i can t open it when i try to open a dialogue box appear with this message: a fatal error starting frontline...


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Hi Djibo,

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with FrontlineSMS.

Could you send us your logs so that we can find out why FrontlineSMS shows that error message.


Geoffrey Muchai


i attach the message which is displayed when i try to open.



Hi Djabo,

From your screen shot, I note that the application asks you to enter your details so that it can forward the logs to us. If the computer has an internet connection, kindly enter your details and send that instead. If this isn't possible, copy the message within the stacktrace section as it will enable us to understand what the problem is.




I try to send the log but the connection is too low but i copy the detail oh the log.




Thank you for posting the sending the stacktrace.

I recommend two approaches to fix the problem. First of all, delete the following folder:


Once you have deleted it, try restarting FrontineSMS.

If this fails, reinstall FrontlineSMS and try it again. If it still fails, let us know.



Thanks for your help;

i change the computer and it is working now but after exportation the data are separated with a comma. Is it possible to have each variables in a single cell? ones again thank you

Hi there

Try opening Excel directly, and then using the 'import data' tool in Excel to import data from your csv file. This should give you more options to choose from in terms of how the data is shown.

Hope that helps,



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