FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

A new version of FrontlineSMS is now available for download from our website. FrontlineSMS Version 2 is built upon extensive input and feedback from our users around the world and is a significant step forward – easier and more intuitive to use, more versatile, and capable of being more easily extended with new functionality. You can now find out more about Version 2 functionality and download this new version on our website.

If you have any feedback on this new version please share it here on the forum, by starting a new forum thread with any specific suggestions or bug reports you would like to share with our team.

We will also continue to support the Version 1 of our software for the foreseeable future, and you can find out more about the transition from Version 1 and Version 2 on our website.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions on any of this. We really look forward to hearing further feedback on Version 2! \o/

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Hi all, I had to revert to since I do not find the "database setting" tag to change H2 to MySQL engine.

Any suggestion?

I am still appraising it, and there seem to be some excellent new powerful features. However, I would still like to work directly with keywords and be able to trigger events, scripts and connect with databases according to my own terms. Maybe all of that is possible with v2 but it is not clear to me yet. 

Hi Massimiliano

Just to clarify, we're looking at making it possible to configure your database type and location if possible by end July, if not by end September. Thanks so much for the feedback though - very valuable!

Best wishes


I find FrontlineSMS geniale 2 but did not posibilté trasferer of the SMS group in response automatic keywords. thank you for this problem fixed
the interface is good.

Hi there

We plan to build subscriptions functionality (joining and leaving groups via keyword) by the end of September at the latest. Thanks for your feedback!

You can read more about plannd functionality on our website.

Best wishes


I'm starting to enjoy FSMS v2. I still have so many things to discover.

I see that this new version of FSMS doesn't show the identity of the SMS senders. It just displays the phone number and not the name of contacts (if they are saved in the database). This feature would be very important for us for follow-up work. Could this be done?  Or include Mobile number field to search in your new SEARCH tool.

If not, the alternative could be to have the possibility to search the phone number from the "Search" at the bottom of the Contacts Tab.

Let me know what could be done in this area. 

Thank you.

Hi Josephine

We want to tackle this in a future build, but what may be happening here is that your database has local numbers (071234567) and your incoming numbers are in the international format (+25471234567). If you internationalise your database of numbers, this should stop happening.

We realise this is a pain if you have a large database - we're looking at building a script or something that can convert numbers for users.



I use FrontlineSMS on my netbook with Windows 7 OS and Huawei E220 Data Card. Here are my comments:

- I could not see SMS received in the Inbox.

- When a contact is added to a group, it doesn't autosort (by first name)

- When I deleted an AutoReply Message and change it, the old one is still being used. (How do I remove this old deleted AutoReply?)

- How do I delete pending messages that failed?

- I tried creating different names with the same mobile number. It gives an error message, "There is already a contact with that mobile, you cannot create another!" However when I clicked, "View Duplicate" I got an error message, "HTTP ERROR 404"


- Sorting Groups by Family Name

- Search Function at Select Recipients when sending Quick Messages.

hi Rex

Thanks for raising this. When did you download your version of FrontlineSMS? If it wasn't in the last couple of weeks, it might be worth updating the version of FrontlineSMS that you're running. This may also help with the Autoreply error you're experiencing, and the 'view duplicate' bug - these were known bugs with early test versions of the software but we thought we'd fixed it. Let us know if you're running a recent version of FrontlineSMS and we'll try and replicate the error.

Can you also confirm whether the modem has connected correctly? Did the indicator on the status tab go green?

Deleting failed messages - we've identified a bug where you can delete failed messages only by selecting multiple messages at a time - we're fixing that this week.

On your very helpful suggestions:

- Sorting contacts or contacts in groups by family name would indeed be very useful and is functionality we will be looking at next year.

- Delighted to say we've implemented the search function within all activities, including quick message! You should see that in an updated release in the next few weeks.

Let us know which build you're running - and thanks for all the feedback. It absolutely helps us to improve the platform.

Best wishes,


I am still using version 2.0.0. I just downloaded and installed version it be better if there is a way to check the version or build number within the installed software?

I will let you know if the errors I encountered with the old version are corrected.

I confirm that the indicator on the status tab goes green though it takes a while to create route. I just wonder why it remains green when the E220 data card is already disconnected?

Ah cool. At the end of the month we'll release 2.0.4 which will have both the version number issue and the disconnection issue fixed.

In a couple of months, v2 will also update automatically. :)


it is preferable that in future the level of the network is displayed on the front of FrontlineSMS


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