FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

A new version of FrontlineSMS is now available for download from our website. FrontlineSMS Version 2 is built upon extensive input and feedback from our users around the world and is a significant step forward – easier and more intuitive to use, more versatile, and capable of being more easily extended with new functionality. You can now find out more about Version 2 functionality and download this new version on our website.

If you have any feedback on this new version please share it here on the forum, by starting a new forum thread with any specific suggestions or bug reports you would like to share with our team.

We will also continue to support the Version 1 of our software for the foreseeable future, and you can find out more about the transition from Version 1 and Version 2 on our website.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions on any of this. We really look forward to hearing further feedback on Version 2! \o/

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wat u r suggesting is wat i have been doing for 4 days straight without much success.wen u select the group it accepts,but the save icon doesnt the group remains empty irrespective of the number of names u add to it.

to put it more simply, the save icon only works when iam saving new details into contacts. when i add those contacts to a group it doesnt is a screen shot. i have saved new contact,then added them to a group(drop down disappeared) but now i cant save.hope this screen shot makes it clear for u.

sorry here it is!


it was VERY helpful, as iam finally able to work. lastly can i import from excel into my contacts?

I'm glad that helped! Please let me know which browser you were using before so that we can check on fixing this issue if it is still occurring.

You can import contacts from excel if they are saved as CSV files.
To do this, go to settings, general and click on contact details, and choose the file you want to import.

joy, am really joyed like ur name suggests if i may use that as as example. i was using microsoft explorer.

how do i convert my excel contacts into a .csv file?

i am able to save as csv but am caught between 2 minds,ms dos or macintosh, does it matter?

Using Windows 7 OS, Mozilla Firefox 13.0.1, FrontlineSMS 2.0.3

Is it possible that while a message with multiple recipients is still being sent, the number of messages already sent and the number of failed messages are displayed?



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