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If you have any feedback on this new version please share it here on the forum, by starting a new forum thread with any specific suggestions or bug reports you would like to share with our team.

We will also continue to support the Version 1 of our software for the foreseeable future, and you can find out more about the transition from Version 1 and Version 2 on our website.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions on any of this. We really look forward to hearing further feedback on Version 2! \o/

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iam unable to save data into new group created as it automatically saves in the

even afta saving in contacts, the contact still cannot join the created group.

secondly, find it tedious to create so many groups for the same thing yet i would have made sub groups.

lastly, would like to import from excel, is it possible and if so how?

Hi Rex,

If your modem's SIM card has a PIN, the modem is not automatically connected until you have input the PIN number. Click on edit in the error message and type in the PIN of the SIM card. Once this is done, you should be able to have a successfully created connection.

When you retry a failed message and it is successfully sent, it is no longer displayed in the pending messages section but moves to sent. You should therefore be able to see a successfully sent message in the sent messages section.

Failed messages remain in the pending messages section and have an amber icon next to the message

Hi Edwin,

You can add contacts to a group from the contacts page by checking the contacts you wish to add to the group, then select the group you would like to add them to from the "Add to group" dropdown. Ensure that you click on "Save all" button to add the contacts to the group.

As for sub-groups, this is a high-priority feature we are looking to build very soon and you will have updates when this is ready.

Thanks for the feedback.


afta creating group,i enter data.when i click add to group icon,it doesnt work.when i save,it goes to generall contacts.when i add the contact to the group it still doesnt save, as the save icon is already highlighted

thx joy,

i only have save,cancel delete icons.i dont see the icon save all u mentioned.besides i have done wat u suggested, but wen it comes to saving,the save icon is already highlighted so i cannnot use it.


I have noted this is still happening in the version 2.0.3 release. Sorry about that and thanks for the feedback.

The bug has been fixed in a version that will be released in the coming week and I will notify you as soon as it is ready for download. This update should solve the problem you are now experiencing.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi Edwin,

These are the steps to adding contacts to a group:

- On the contacts page, create new group. Once this is successful, the group is added under groups and you are redirected to all contacts

- Click on the contact you want to add to the group, (At this point save button is disabled)

- When you click on the add to group dropdown and select the group, the save button is enabled and you should be able to save.

Hope this helps!

If this is still not working for you, please send me a screenshot of the contacts page in which you are trying to add a contact to a group.

wen i want to save data from contacts to a group i realise my save icon is already highlighted and cannot

done tht, but the save icon is already highlighted and couldnt save the details in the new created group.

hw do i send the screen shot?


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