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Feedback on the beta release of FrontlineSMS Version 2 for Linux

Hi all

We are releasing an experimental beta of FrontlineSMS Version 2 for Linux. Linux users make up a very small percentage of our user base, so we are not able to devote significant resources to supporting it. However, if you do have feedback and comments, please post them here.

You can download the installer from our Beta Products page.

Thanks in advance


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Have not looked just copied but it gives an error



gzip: sfx_archive.tar.gz: not in gzip format

I am sorry, but the installer file seems to be corrupted.
If you downloaded that file please try it again. If you
transfer that file with ftp please make sure that you are
using binary mode.


Will give some positive feedback once I have more info.

CentOS release 6.2 (Final)

very new so this is a share rather that a question.

Are you going to make the new version of FrontlineSMS not dependent on X11 , this way we can put them up headless and connect to them via a web browser, just asking we only run linux on our server and never load X but rather make our stuff web centric this enables people to access them from any platform.

Thanks for the suggestion Steven. The ability to run in this configuration would certainly be useful to some linux users. We'll have a chat internally and get back to you.


Ubuntu 11.10

When I launch the installer the Setup window opens with no content and freezes. This is the message from the terminal

Oct 1, 2012 9:40:41 AM sun.awt.X11.XBaseWindow init
WARNING: Exception during peer initialization
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: sun.awt.X11.XWindowPeer.getLocalHostname()Ljava/lang/String;...

What am I missing?


I have used the linux version 2.1.3 on my Ubuntu 12.04. It installed without any problems.

A couple of comments though:

- Installed asks if I want to create link in /usr/local/bin directory, but if I am running as unprivileged user, it will not create that.

- Along with Register, Skip registration options, there should be the option of "Already registered" for already registered users :-)

Version 2 Ran perfectly, recognized my usb based gsm modem (Huawei E153) automatically. I was able to send receive messages with it's help. This version doesn't seem to have the same functionality as version 1, hence I am still working with version 1.


- a m i t -

Sinha ji

myself Manoj Bisht from uttarakhand . plz help me to install version 1 in my ubuntu 12.04.

would u like to share your mobile no ? i have already sanded a friend request to you.

With warm regards


First we want to congratulate you for the work in terms of FrontlineSMS program!
In the optimLab's  zone we tested both versions of FrontlineSMS for linux.
In the initial stages, both versions (release 1.6 and 2) behaved ok.
Testing was based on a platform Ubuntu Server 12.04.3 - i386, configured in VirtualBox.

As an observation, it would be ok if it can be run only in the terminal of linux server.
Version 2 needs more time to start than version 1, requiring more time to initiate.
Today we went into the production environment : on a dell mini 910 with 8 Gb stick as hard disk drive, 2 GB RAM, after we made a clone of the virtual machine. We use Huawei E272.

Installed version on Ubuntu Server with LXDE and start automatically of file.


Stefan H. - Owner & Tehnical Manager

Thanks for the feedback! I'll point it out to our dev team.


Hi optimbit,

The v2 linux build can run in the terminal. You need to identify the location where the installation was done on your linux machine and simply execute the file from that folder via terminal as you would any linux executable file.

An example would be 

$ cd <location of install>

$ ./FrontlineSMS2_Launcher

The app will start and automatically launch the browser. If you desire to run the app as a background task use the linux nohup command. You can learn to use nohup from here


Just tried FLSMS 2.2.1 for Linux on Linux Mint 14, 4GB RAM, 2 x 1.4 GHz and Nokia 3720c USB.

Install is OK, it starts-up but can not connect to /dev/ttyACM0

I'm out of ideas :-(


Hi Dot,

We have not tested FrontlineSMS version 2 with Nokia handsets and so I cannot guarantee that you will be able to connect to it.

Also, confirm that the user you are running the FrontlineSMS process in is part of the dialout group as this might prevents FrontlineSMS from connecting to the phone.

In case this doesn't work, try and use a Huawei USB modem.



Hi there,

Yep, user is in group dialout. Maybe an issue with my differen Java's. Will try all of them.



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