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Feedback on the beta release of FrontlineSMS Version 2 for Linux

Hi all

We are releasing an experimental beta of FrontlineSMS Version 2 for Linux. Linux users make up a very small percentage of our user base, so we are not able to devote significant resources to supporting it. However, if you do have feedback and comments, please post them here.

You can download the installer from our Beta Products page.

Thanks in advance


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I found a workaround by starting FrontlineSMS via xpra.


In FrontllineSMS version 1, it was possible to connect to MySQL database. Is it somehow possible to do the same in version 2?



Hi Amit,

Thanks for your message!  It is possible to connect to MySQL database in version 2, but requires a little more work.  You can read more about it on the following sites:!topic/frontlinesms-developers/vXuaGBT78_c!topic/frontlinesms-developers/4tCRGkcG5Sc

Hope this is helpful!



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