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My name is Lucas Healy and I am doing a mobile technology research and implementation project in Ghana. I'm in the process of setting up a small FrontlineSMS network for a small organization called Cheerful Hearts Foundation. In the process I've come across a few questions that I can't find a direct answer too and I am hoping you guys can help.

1. When working with FrontlineSMS, if the computer or the phone/GPRS modem shuts off what happens to any incoming messages while the network is down? Will they come through when the network is back up, do they disappear, etc?

2. I already have a phone that works with FLSMS, but I might switch to a GPRS modem. Like I said, I am working in Ghana, so mobile plans work by buying credit and spending it. How can I add credit to a SIM card through a GPRS modem?

Thanks for any help, and I am sure I'll have a bundle of questions again soon.

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Hi Lucas

Good to hear from you!

In response to your questions:

1. If you shut down the computer or unplug the phone or modem, any incoming messages will stack up with the mobile operator and come through once you reconnect. No messages should be lost. If you try it with a couple of test messages you should be able to verify that this happens.

2. There are two ways you might be able to do this. If there's an airtime transfer system available in Ghana, you could try topping up a regular phone and then transfer the balance to the modem. The alternative is to simply take the phone and add credit manually via the keypad. There's no way right now of topping up a device through the FrontlineSMS software.

Hope that helps.


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