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Dear all,

When people first encounter FrontlineSMS software, a number of questions come up again and again, both in person and here on our forum; ‘how do I access the software?’ ‘What does it cost to send and receive messages?’ ‘What can FrontlineSMS be used for?’ We’ve collated the answers to these and many more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on FrontlineSMS in a brand new user resource.

The FAQ draws on discussions from here on the forum, and includes advice and ‘tips and tricks’ on how to overcome certain challenges with our software too. We hope that by collating the FAQ we will help people to get started and overcome any issues they encounter more quickly. We also hope to encourage you to continue reaching out and supporting each other in the community using the FAQ as guidance.

This resource is by no means exhaustive; it is an organic resource which we will continue to add to with input from our user community. Your feedback and suggested additions are very welcome, and we look forward to continuing to build up this resource over time. Please do take a read through the FAQ, and let us know what you think and if it’s helpful for you!

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Thanks, \o/


FrontlineSMS Community Support Coordinator

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Hi all,

I've just tried to access the FAQ link posted ( & received a "page not found". Does the FAQ exist elsewhere?



Hi there

We've updated our website, and all our help documentation are now here:

Hope that helps!


Thanks Laura,

Yes, that's a great help. Just a thought - given that the 'dead link' mentioned above is referenced from a number of pages, perhaps it might be worth putting a page there telling people to go to the link you've posted here?


Good thought, Richard! Will do.


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