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does anyone here give the correct thread where i can get some reading about how to make a simple script for an auto reply coming from an external command. e.g. i'll txt then my external command recv it and make necessary info to reply it... tnx in advance...

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Hi Joey

It's not entirely clear what you're trying to do here. You can set a regular auto-reply in FrontlineSMS - check the "Keywords" section of the "Help" files for that. If you need the incoming SMS to trigger an external command and then text back the response, that can also be done - but you'll need some XML/coding skills to get that to work.

Let us know and we'll try to help from there.



P.S. You could try searching for "external command" in the Forum - there should be examples in there. There is this, for example:

Yes! this is what i'm looking for... i just don't know before what exact script to be the output or return value of the program so that the flsms can read it. may i then request a list if there are other xml command from your flsms to be used and their functions just like what was posted from the given link such as:







Thanks sir Ken...

More power!   \o/



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