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 Hello All,


Yesterday I heaved a sigh of relief,. It was unfortunately very SHORT-LIVED. After uploading my SIM with a deal for 5000 SMS to enable me do all the testing necessary, I find myself at Square one of the same problem.


Please I need help..My FLSMS cant receive. What else is there to be done?


Tambe Harry

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Hi Tambe


No-one else has reported this before - it seems very strange and I can't think of any reason why this is happening. Is it happening after you shut down and restart your computer? Are you shutting down FrontlineSMS properly? When you restart it, does FrontlineSMS pick up and identify the modem successfully? It is almost certainly going to be connected with your local machine, so you might want to try and think about what you may have done on both occasions which triggered this to happen.


In the meantime, if you can Submit your logs (via the "Help" menu in FrontlineSMS) we can try to take a look and see what's happening. It's getting close to the Christmas break now so we'll need to see whether our developers are going to be available.


Sorry you're having problems - we'll do our best to help get this working for you...




P.S. I deleted your other Forum post since it covered the same problem as this one.

Hi Ken,

It happened while I was still connected. I didnt disconnect. I also noticed that even though I am using just 1 sim with the Sierra Wireless GL 6100 modem, I see that I have two status: one working device detected as the sierra wireless via the COM 5 Port and another as Non Working unidentified nameless device via the COM 3 Port. In effect FLSMS identifies two phones, yet I have attached only one phone sim to the service. Could the conflict result from this?


How do I send you the error report to the forum? I have done so , but not via the forum.


Tambe Harry

Just another observation: As soon as I replace the sim into my regular phone, all the messages that didnt get picked up by FLSMS flood in . So it is not a problem with the GSM SIM. But it should be something about FLSMS not picking up the incoming SMS. I have removed any program which I suspect might intercept SMS viz: Voip, Skype, and Bulksms software.


What else should I do?



You don't need to submit your logs through the Forum here - our developers will pick up the ones you sent through the software. I don't think they're going to be available now until after the holidays, but they'll look at them as soon as they can.

It's hard for me to say what else might be causing the problem. Obviously something is totally throwing FrontlineSMS off with the modem. Have you tried a different USB port, and are you sure there's no other software running which may be grabbing the modem? Do you have another computer you can try anywhere? We've never had this problem reported before - once the software starts working it usually carries on.

We'll get back to you as soon as we can based on the holidays. In the meantime maybe you'll have some luck finding the cause, which does sound like it's related to the computer or modem you have there.


Hi Tambe,


Are you still having problems with this?  To reassure you about the 2 ports detected, this is quite normal - some phones may even report 4 or 5 ports to the operating system!



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