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Hi guys,

Maybe can share your ideas how to sort this 2 question.


1.Hi Im just want to ask,trying to connect to K800i to my windows7 and XP os IBM R400 notebook but both seems fail to work on USB port.Im using the Sony erickson PC sutie 6.0 and start the program then I load FLSMS (FrontlineSMS_1.6.07-beta_distrib) I encounter cannot load the FLSMS anymore after doing that in windows 7.I try in XP also the same problem cannot load anymore the FLSMS.

I try using the other FLSMS (FrontlineSMS_1.6.08-SNAPSHOT_distrib) to windows 7,it loads but cannot detect the phone.Also same problem on XP.


Im hoping that I can connect and control the K800i using either XP pro or windows 7,because these are my available OS.


bdwy I can connect and send sms using XP OS thru wi fi (PC suite on).

Im thinking Its faster to send sms using USB connection so can someone suggest how or what other options I can try..:)


2.Another is how can I activate or display the old SurveyManager.I cannot go or to cannot see the Classic View,Or I need a different FLSMS software for this? where to the download.


Thanks thanks in advance

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Hi Kram

Unfortunately we can't really support the Beta release of FrontlineSMS, which is still work in progress. If you want to use the current stable build then you can download that from the site here and we can maybe help with that.

As for the Classic View, this has been removed in the next version which you currently have the Beta for (but it still exists in the current stable release). It was only originally included to allow users of the original 1.0 version to have continuity, and everyone has since migrated onto the later builds so is no longer required.

Hi ken,
stil fail,my notebook keep on blue screen its say irql XXXX error,,,,
I uninstall erickson software still the same...
I try other notebook still the same..maybe its handphone issue??
Hi Kram

The blue screen issue is generally caused by the handset drivers - have you tried starting FrontlineSMS without a phone connected? Or, if possible, try it out on another machine?

Let us know if you have any joy with that.

I try 2 IBM notebook..still bluescreen..:(
theres no bluescreen without the phone and openig the program.

just want to add wht is the difference using wifi and usb in terms of sms speed?
i saw ur post it around 8 sms per minute is it by usb?

thnks for replying..:) :)
Hi Ken,
Cheers Already working on bluetooth and USB connection for K800i,the tricks is need to install the driver unknown for the handphone and direct to drivers manually one by one or else if isntall the erickson software will coz bluescreen.

Ken,Guys, another question is that normal that auto reply sets the keyword settings for 1 SMS it takes 3 mins to reply ,for 3 sms of the same keyword it takes 5 mins,,its seems quite slow.I thought USB cable will faster that bluetooth.What if I put forward options on keyword it much longer?Baud rate in USB settings already sets to HIGH..
In there a way to speed up sms reply and autoforward for the processing and communication between the FLMSMS software and cellphone and notebook?

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