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Dear All,

I am using a Huawei E173 Modem to connect to FLSMS.

Sometimes I have success and the 2 way communication between phone and FLSMS works, but majority of the time this doesnt work.

I have downloaded a new version of FLSMS and even used SIMS from MTN, Orange, Telenor, Lycamobile. 

What happens is that activities within  FLSMS show that the message is received and response sent out, but the target phone doesnt get the SMS

Sometimes FLSMS doesnt receive the SMS sent at all.

I have asked friends in Sweden and Cameroon to send SMSes to the number but I have only had 2 successes out of 20 with Cameroon and maybe 4 successes when the SMS is sent from Sweden.

This is giving me headache as I have to do a demonstration of FLSMS with some farmers and skeptics on Thursday March 15th.

 The attached files below for example shows regular activities on the FLSMS panel. But non of those messages were received back to the phone,. IN attachment 2 I did some trouble shooting between 4th March to the 11th March and had less than 20% Success. And I can assure you I have done everything right.

I really need your help.

Thank you.

Tambe Harry

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Hi Tambe,

I hope you were able to get everything sorted for your training. Did everything work out ok?

- Kavita

Hi Kavita,

Sorry I didnt update the Forum about the meeting. Well, the problem wasnt solved. But based on a few successful activities on FLSMS in the past, we were able to show our guest, Dr Loren that the Technology we use to get to Farmers and consumers is easy, replicable and worthwhile. 

She herself couldnt even place a call to her driver after the meeting, and we guess it was probably network problems. But we are still trouble shooting.

There are aspects of the solution that I didnt understand, and I shall come back to those tomorrow. I thought Ken was going to be a mentor at Boulder this summer, but he told me he wasnt sure. That would have been a great opportunity to meet him and get my problems with FLSMS solved on a personal level.

Talk tomorrow.


Hi Tambe Harry,

Thank you for this update. Sorry to hear you didn't get the problem solved for your training, but good to hear you were able to demonstrate some functionality.

Do feel free to keep us posted on your troubleshooting and let us know if you have any further questions the FrontlineSMS team can help with.

All the Best


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