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Dear All,

I am using a Huawei E173 Modem to connect to FLSMS.

Sometimes I have success and the 2 way communication between phone and FLSMS works, but majority of the time this doesnt work.

I have downloaded a new version of FLSMS and even used SIMS from MTN, Orange, Telenor, Lycamobile. 

What happens is that activities within  FLSMS show that the message is received and response sent out, but the target phone doesnt get the SMS

Sometimes FLSMS doesnt receive the SMS sent at all.

I have asked friends in Sweden and Cameroon to send SMSes to the number but I have only had 2 successes out of 20 with Cameroon and maybe 4 successes when the SMS is sent from Sweden.

This is giving me headache as I have to do a demonstration of FLSMS with some farmers and skeptics on Thursday March 15th.

 The attached files below for example shows regular activities on the FLSMS panel. But non of those messages were received back to the phone,. IN attachment 2 I did some trouble shooting between 4th March to the 11th March and had less than 20% Success. And I can assure you I have done everything right.

I really need your help.

Thank you.

Tambe Harry

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Hi Tambe Harry

Thank you for getting in touch here on the forum, and sorry to hear you are having these difficulties.

Just to check a few things - have you run through all the troubleshooting suggestions in our help files: Is the device set to send and receive (you can check this by right clicking on the connected device in the phones tab)? Have you checked that you have enough credit on the SIM card being used (bearing in mind the international message costs for sending to Sweden)? And are you always using the international dialing code in contact numbers (it looks like you mostly are in the attached documents, but I noticed a few numbers without the international code)?

These are just a few questions to check what you have tried during your troubleshooting so far. Hopefully we can help you get to the bottom of the problem in time for your demo on 15th March. We'll look forward to hearing back from you.

All the Best


Hi Flo,

I have gone through the Troubleshooting. The numbers with international codes are those of friends I asked to send in SMSes to test the receptivity and triggering effect of FLSMS. It didnt work. I then used local numbers to send in SMSes to the SIM but these too show they are received, triggered, but the phone doesnt get them.

The SIM in the modem is connected to my contract phone and so there should be no problem with credit. I have also loaded a prepaid SIM and used it in the Modem, but the results are same.

Sometimes I get this message of duplicate connection, and I have to restart. What I know is that when it works, it usually does so from COM7 port. 

But looking at this new attachment you shall see that the connection is not the way it should be: it shows COM5.

I think I can still meet my deadline if I get  help from other members as well who might have experienced same problem and then solved it.


Tambe Harry


Hi Tambe Harry,

Thanks for your reply. Could you please send along your FrontlineSMS logs (which you can do via the Help>Submit error report option in FrontlineSMS), and I will check in with our developer team to see if they have any further suggestions on what the problem is here.

I hope that support here on the community forum can help you get to the bottom of these issues as soon as possible.




I just submitted the FLSMS logs from my account through the FLSMS software.


Thanks, Tambe Harry. I've asked our developer team to take a look, and we will get back to you with further information on this as soon as possible.


Hi Harry,

Thanks for sending us your logs.

If you are seeing that SMS sending and receiving only works from COM7, you could tell FrontlineSMS to completely ignore COM5 and any other ports you think are causing problems - to do this, go to the FrontlineSMS properties directory (you can find the location in Help > Show Configuration Location) and edit the file  Add a line such as:


Then restart FrontlineSMS and check the Phones tab - you should see that only COM7 is detected now.


If the problems persist, we can get some more information if you turn up the logging level for your modem - in the same properties folder, open and change the line
to read

You'll then need to re-run FrontlineSMS and wait for the problem to recur.  Once this has happened, resend your logs and we can check again.

Hope this all helps,


Hi Tambe Harry

I hope Alex'a above advice was helpful for you? Please do let us know how you get along, and if we can be of any further help in preparation for your training tomorrow.

All the Best


Alex when I folllowed the Help > Show Configuration Location) and edit the file, all I saw was this :C:\Users\HARRY\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\FrontlineSMS\

I didnt see any which I should edit as you suggested.

Then I couldnt get to send you the logging level as you requested because I didnt know how to do that .

Could you send me more information how to do this? 


Hi Tambe Harry,

Here are a few guidance tips on how to get to as Alex suggested. When you go to Help -> Show Configuration Location, you will see a text box appear with a link. In your case, it sounds like the link that you saw is C:\Users\HARRY\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\FrontlineSMS\. This link will help you to get to the Here is what you do:

1) On your computer, open a folder such as "My Documents" (sometimes just called "Documents) OR go to My computer (sometimes just called "Computer").

2) Copy and paste your link (C:\Users\HARRY\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\FrontlineSMS\) in the address bar (see this website to confirm what the address bar is - When you paste the link in the address bar, a new folder will open. In this folder, you will see a folder called "properties". Open the properties folder.

3) When you open the "properties" folder, you will see a file called "comm". Open this file. This is the file.

4) In this file, type ignore=COM5,COM6 (or whatever COM ports you want to block). Click Save and close the file.

5) You might need to restart your computer. And then open the FrontlineSMS application. When you do, and you click on the Phones tab, the ports that you ignored should not be listed as Alex suggested.

The log4j file is also in the properties folder that I mentioned above. You can add the lines that Alex suggested in that file. You can also refer to this link or other frequently asked questions on our website.

I hope this is helpful! Dont hesitate to let us, here at FrontlineSMS, know if you need anything else!



I shall get back to you as soon as I try it and let you know how it went.



Hello Alex and Kavita

I have done as adviced. COM5 still appears and even connects 

I still have duplicate connection , and the sms i sent in duplicate connection mode is NOT received.

Yet I dont receive SMS in target phone from FLSMS even though it shows that FLSMS triggered a response.

Should I delete all the files in the before replacing with ignore=COM5,COM6,?

I am really hoping to get a permanent solution for this.


Hi Tambe,

I initially experienced the same results as you did - but then after I entered "ignore=COM5,COM6" in the file and clicked save, I

- unplugged my modem

- restarted my computer

- plugged back in the modem [when the computer started back up]

- opened the FrontlineSMS application

Did you also do all these actions? I know they all sound repetitive, but after I unplugged the modem and restarted the computer, THEN the application was finally able to ignore the COM ports that i specified.

[No, you should not need to delete all the other file in I would say just make sure ignore=COM5,COM6 is at the beginning of the file.

- Kavita

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