FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

Of what purpose are forms in frontlinesms.i have created several contact groups and subgroups in frontlinesms and i want to send an a message to a particular sub group in response to a request from the mobile user.Can forms be used in this scenario.

Thank you and best wishes.

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Hi Geoffrey


FrontlineForms is a data collection tool which runs on the users handset (not all phones are supported, though). It's a specialist application which works best with controlled groups, i.e. staff members, health workers, and so on. If you are simply looking to send and receive regular text messages then you don't need to worry about Forms.


If you want to create automatic replies to incoming messages then you do this in the "Keywords" tab. You can read more here:


Everything you need should be in the "Help" files if you look through those. There are also a number of introductory videos which might help in the "Video" section of this community site.


Hope that helps!



Thanks Ken.I ve now got an insight into forms.But can i use forms to collect data  from people working in the field and i compile this data so that i use it as a basis for requirements collection in my project.


Hi Geoffrey


You could use FrontlineForms for this, but you'll need to install it on all of the phones you want to use, and this only really works if it's a team of people who would be happy for you to install applications on their phones. Not all phones support Forms, either, and you'd personally need to provide support to them if they had problems. If you can get them to send in the data you need as a regular text message then that's far easier.


It's really up to you whether you try Forms or not, but it is an advanced use of the platform and, as I mention, you'll need to do all of the work installing and supporting it.



Thanks Ken.I hope to try it out.

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