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Forms Client (Nokia 6102) - Application Permission Problems

So, I  have some Nokia 6102 phones which are supported by the Forms client software. I
was able to use the Nokia PC Suite to install the FrontlineSMS JAR file on this
phone. After setting up the "server phone number" of the FrontlineSMS
PC connected phone (I am using the Motorola L6i) on this phone, I select
"Get New Forms" which then attempts to connect to the
"Server" (the PC connected phone). However, I receive an
"Permission Error - You must give this application permission to use
networking. You man need to restart the app to allow this to happen." So I
went back to the Game menu where the FrontlineSMS is listed to access the
Options Menu for the application. After opening the "Options" menu, I
click "App. access". I have three options here: Communication, Phone
Access, and Auto-start. I click "Communication" which then has three
options: Network access, Messaging, and Connectivity. I configured Network
access and Connectivity permissions to "Ask first time only", but I
assume that I need to configure the Messaging permissions of the phone. So I
click "Messaging". There are 4 options: Ask every time, Ask first
time only, Always allowed, and Not allowed. The first three are grayed or
un-selectable. Is this the root of my permission problem? The phones firmware
apparently won't allow the FrontlineSMS application to be granted
"Messaging" permissions. Any thoughts?

Another side note: Motorola L6i is listed here ( as a supported phone but is really supported only in its ability to connect to the PC software, not run the Forms client software.

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Excuse all of the formatting craziness, I was copying and pasting from another source.
Can anyone help me on this problem?

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