FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

FLSMS has been working until today. Now when form is sent to phone it appears as text message like this:




And this message does not appear in message dialog on the FLSMS software any more. There is no record of form being sent


any suggestions?



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Hello everyone,
please why will not the form opens onto the mobile? I managed to put the number of themodem server in Nokia E72 and Sony Ericson but its still not working, I did what led? because it is very important to me and we need his walk, because I must present my defense.



L'appareil que vous utilisez pour envoyer des messages, et le téléphone du destinataire du SMS doivent tous deux être Forms-compatibles . Est-ce que Forms fonctionnant sur le téléphone?



Hi Moussa


I'm not quite sure where you've got to - have you checked out the help files on FrontlineForms just to make sure you're following the steps correctly?





Avez-vous lu les fichiers d'aide FrontlineForms pour s'assurer que vous suivez la procédure correctement?


yes the phones are compatible with frontlineForms but its error is about connections I try to connect one of the phones (Nokia E72) to my PC. but the modem easily connects only the form does not open on his mobile displays There Is The New form available or when I do get itm'affiche New forms on the screen

Hi Moussa


New forms are sent to the phone via SMS, and the user then goes into the Forms app to pick up the new form itself. Not sure I've understood you correctly?



Hello Moussa,


when the user receives the "There is a new form available" SMS, he has to go in the mobile application and request forms from the server.

Make sure he stays on the application when waiting for the reply.




OK, tank you.

More problems, I had two laptop which both worked with FLSMS now both have same problem when sending forms,


I tried sending log to but the software was unable to do this as FLSMS send error sending.


I  uninstalled the software from my phone with the plan to reinstall however when I clicked on the link to download the generic version the page is no longer found. (my nokia is not on list given)

This means I no longer have frontlineSMS on my phone and unable to reinstall it.


Please advise how to fix



Not sure what the problem was but did several reinstalls (phone and computers), resetting phones etc and lots of support from FLSMS team and forum members both computers and all phones now working.


Thanks all





Hi Philip,


Thanks for letting us know - really glad to hear that you managed to get things working! Feel free to let us know if you need any further help.


All the Best,


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