FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

FLSMS has been working until today. Now when form is sent to phone it appears as text message like this:




And this message does not appear in message dialog on the FLSMS software any more. There is no record of form being sent


any suggestions?



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Hi Philip


If you can replicate this and then send in your logs (via the "Help" menu) I'll ask Alex to take a look. It's now the weekend in Nairobi where he's based so you'll likely not hear back until early next week. In the meantime, you might want to try installing Forms on a new handset (if you have one available) and trying with that - this will help isolate the problem to either FrontlineSMS or the other phone.







Hi Philip,


As Ken said, providing logs would be very helpful.


Also, you say there is no record of the message being sent, so where are you copying the text "



Have you made any changes to your FrontlineSMS setup recently?


What device are you using for FrontlineSMS, and what device are you using for the FrontlineForms client?




Hi, sorry late reply been away over weekend.


The message appeared as a text message on phone so copied it from there. I am using windows 7 with Huawei E1750 GSM ,


It was fully working with the forms being sent and returned no problem. the only change I have made was to use different sim in the GSM as other one was loaned to me for testing.


I can still send texts etc for that sim using FLSMS without problem


Will try recreate today and send log



Hi Philip,


Thank you for the update on this. If you could send through your logs then Alex can take a look and hopefully get to the bottom of this!



Hi Moussa


We're going to need a lot more information from you if we're to be able to help with this. We'll need to know what messages you're getting on FrontlineSMS and the phone, what phone you're using to run FrontlineForms, and what device you have attached to your computer.


Can you send and receive regular (non-Forms) text messages between FrontlineSMS and the phone?


If you can give us as much information as possible about what's happening (and not happening) then we can try to help.





sa m'affiche there is a new form available: test1

le test1 c'est le nom du formulaire que j'ai crée. j'ai connecté  un motorola l6.

oui j'arrive à envoyé et recevoir des messages texte entre frontline et le téléphone le seul souci c'est les formulaires. ou bien il faut que change de téléphone relié a l'ordinateur?

parfois si d'autre personne essaye de repondre a ce message (there is a new form available) sa m'affiche AAI+GCUAAAECAQELDQIAAA==

Cher Moussa,


Je pense qu'il n'est pas possible d'envoyer les messages binaires qui sont nécessaires pour FrontlineForms avec modem Motorola.  C'est possible pour vous d'utiliser un modem alternative?



Hi Philip,


FrontlineSMS responds to Forms requests with a binary-format SMS which is not supported fully by all modems/phones (notably Motorola handsets) and also (it seems) by some SIM cards.  Is the new SIM you are using on a different mobile network operator (provider/carrier) than the one which worked?  This may be the issue, so if you are able to try any other SIM cards that would be worth doing.

Also could you share the country and network operators of the working and non-working SIMs?





bonjour Alex,

Et si j'utilise un nokia N8 c'est à dire le connecté à mon PC comme modem es que sa poura faire l'affaire si no qu'est-ce-que vous proposé?

Cher Moussa


Je pense que vous devez l'essayer, sauf Alex sait si cela va fonctionner? Et si non, est-ce que vous pourriez acheter un autre modem, un Huawei par exemple? Une liste des modems recommandés est disponible ici:



s'il vous plais comment on procède pour que le formulaire s'affiche sur les téléphones car y a des téléphones dont je n'arrive pas à faire entré le numéro du serveur genre les N8 et E7 car mena j'ai un modem HUAWEI E1552 je pense que tout le problème vient des téléphones.

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