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Forms trouble: Mobile request SMS is treated as text SMS (AI+gCUAAAECAQAlDQIAAA==)

I had to re-install forms again on my Nokia 6120 and now it sends the request message (AAI+gCUAAAECAQAlDQIAAA==) but frontline doesn't react to it.

Could'nt find any solution for this problem in the other discussions. We want to use the forms for project monitoring in some Ukrainien villages and next week I'm to present the program, so I would be really grateful for ideas. Thanks. Monika

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Hi Monika

When you say you had to 're-install' Forms, it sounds as though it was previously working - is that right? If so, you might want to try deleting the Forms program from the handset and then installing it again (you'll need to check the user guide, or the web, for deleting Java applications from your phone). It then might be worth creating a small test form and sending that to the phone to show everything's working, before sending over the ones you previously created.

Let me know how you get on.

when you install FLSMS forms handler on a phone, you need to send the "get forms" comand message from the client handset so that your FLSMS server knows where to find the forms program on your phone.

If you have reinstalled the program, the server may try to send forms to the older program location, which is why you see the test message in your inbox as AAI+gCUAAAECAQAlDQIAAA== etc.... because the forms program is no longer there.

simply click "get forms" on your phone, and everything should be okay!
Ben, When I send the "get forms" command, it sends the test message to the PC, but FLSMS doesn't react and doesn't send the form. When I send the form, the best result I achieved, was a SMS with programming signs coming to the mobile , the application didn't integrate.

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