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Forwading recieved SMS to a particular e-mail address

I want some received SMS on Frontline to be forwarded to a particuler e-mai. I have tried following the instruction from the manual on the website but it did work. Can you assist and clarrify on the type of e-mail system that works on Frontline. We are using a BPOS e-mail system and we don't have a exchange server local. How does that work with Frontline SMS?

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Hi Confidance Zana,

Thanks for your post. I've asked our developers if they can provide some further information for you on this, so they'll be back with you as soon as possible.



Hi Confidence,

I'm not familiar with BPOS, but FrontlineSMS requires an SMTP server to send SMS as emails.  You can configure this through the Email Keyword Action.


BPOS is cloud e-mail system where by an exchange server is being nosted by Microsoft and you access it using a Microsoft sign on tool, that uses a VPN connection to connect to that server. However i have been trying using gmail to set it up but keeps on saying can't connect to server. Does this work on the SMTP server settrings like as the SMTP setting for a gmail account.

Hi Confidance,

Here are some previous posts on connecting to the gmail smtp server. Forwarding to gmail and email setup.

Let me know if these help at all!


Yes thank you so much, but i have realised that most of the problems we encounter in setting up SMTP settings is not of settings themselves but the problem is a firewall problem (firewalls silently drop packets that are not allowed, which is why you would be see a Connection Timeout. I tried gmail SMTP settings suggested while inside my LAN but i could not connect because of our firewall, i then tried connecting while outside my LAN and the setting worked.

That's great news Confidance! I'm glad you figured it out. Let us know if you run into anymore issues.


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