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I have been doing testing of 1.6.16 all day and upgraded to after receiving the message from Laura Hudson about a bug in the 1.6.16 release.  The project I am working on will utilize messengers with a FrontlineForms enabled mobile to send in data on OVC in Namibia.  

I have found that 1.6.16 fixed elements that weren't working for me in 1.6.14 (imported contacts retaining group association and being able to delete forms after they were sent) but one big problem I encountered during today's testing was getting blank CSV files when trying to export the form submission results from the FormManager.  Has anyone else had this problem?

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Hi Ryan,

Sorry to hear you're having problems - we'll take a look immediately.

Best wishes,

Thanks very much Alex, really appreciate the support!
Hey! We've fixed the issue, and we should have a test build with the fix tomorrow. Looking at the code, I can't see how 1.6.16 worked when didn't... either way, I expect will work again :-)
That's great news! Thanks for the update Alex! Cheers. \o/
Hi Ryan!

You can download FrontlineSMS here:

Alex should have fixed your issue. Please keep in mind this version is not public yet, so please keep us posted on how stable it is, and we'll see if we release it or not :)

Thanks Morgan! I will begin testing this next week. You guys are rockin' it!

Hi Morgan,

I have been testing this morning and am happy to report that the empty forms csv file export problem has been fixed. However, there seems to be a small interface glitch on the Form Editor as after the the length of the form exceeds the window and the scroll bar appears, the bottom arrow doesn't appear and you are not able to place the new form elements at the bottom of the form.

The attached screenshot demonstrates what I mean. Is this something that is a quick fix? Thanks again for everything.

Hi Ryan,

Looks irritating! We'll have a look and try to fix :¬)

Thanks very much Alex. I am very confident that this version will work for us if we can actually see the form that we're working on! We're working hard to finalize our system and have a big launch workshop next week with 50-75 participants in attendance and need to get our version of FLSMS secured. Thanks in advance for your team's hard work!

I also encountered the inability to export data error described by Ryan in the release. I would also begin beta-testing the .2 release. Excellent reponse and support from the team!
Thanks David,

we're doing our best to ensure there is now major issue in our current releases. Have you tried the Did it fix your issue as well?

Ryan, what's up with the form editor dialog? Is it fixed?
Hey Morgan,

We've been using the 16.3 beta version that you guys sent out. There was no problem creating the forms and sending them out to our contacts. From your experience, what do you think the longest form is that FLSMS can handle. We wanted to have one longer form (about 19 data points) but had to reduce to three smaller forms (which each take about 6-8 SMS to send out!)

I am happy to report that during our pilot launch workshop, FLSMS sent about 1500 SMS over 4 days. On the last day, the system stopped receiving messages but I think there might have been a backlog on the cell network for our USB modem...? Despite not being able to receive messages during this period of extreme testing, FLSMS was able to send the messages out no problem. is all good in my book! Thanks again guys.


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