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Hi I´m a new user from Argentina:


Florence has been very kind to address some initial concerns.I have a couple questions:


I cant configure properly the MMS email account I know how to do this correctly I´ll add some snapshots


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Hi Domingo

Have you tried this without SSL (try unticking the box)? And do you have an active Internet connection? FrontlineSMS needs that to connect to your email account.

If neither of those help, we'll get our developers to take a look!



Hi ken:


Thanks for your answer. I did try unchecking the SSL box but my email provider requires it to access the server.


I was connected ok to the Internet via the Huawei E173 modem The connection was available at the top of the devices list.




Hi Domingo


Before we get Alex (our lead developer) onto this, I'd be curious whether or not FrontlineSMS can connect to that email account via a 'regular' Internet connection. If you unplug the GSM modem (assuming you have a wi-fi or fixed connection to the Internet) and then try, does that make any difference? There could be an issue connecting to the Internet through the GSM modem (the fact it appears on COM10 in the working section only indicates that FrontlineSMS can see it on your local machine, not that it has a fully working connection to your mobile network).


Let me know if that helps at all!



Hiya :)

I do have a wireless connection that is working How do I get FL to use it? 


The GSM modem can access the Internet by a software provided by the carrier but it conflicts with FL if i have both working.

If I can get FL to use my regular connection I guess that would be fine


Best regards



Hi again!


Okay, that's a great question. =) If you start up FrontlineSMS with the computer only connected to wi-fi, does it connect okay to your email account? I *believe* it should, but this will certainly be a question for Alex if not. It will connect to other Internet services through wi-fi.


Let me know, and we'll escalate it if not.





Hi Ken:


I´m afraid it can´t access my wifi connection. :/  

Sorry! I guess we need Alex?

I added the Access to Abby pic (which is my router) My wife gets confused with the network drives LOL!

Thanks again ! have a wonderful weekend :)



Hi, shouldn't the Account Server Port be 992 instead of 110 since you're using SSL?

Hi Edwin!! Good point!! I´ll check that out 



Thanks everyone who has been most helpful for helping me figure out how to configure my email accounts.


Finally the issue was my email provider. So I changed the MMS email setting account to a GMAIL one and that works perfectly.

The regular email that triggers from a Keyword worked ok with my email provider which is 


Thanks again!



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