FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

Hi Kiwanja,

Been preparing for quite sometime and we are eager to launch the Program this December. I did prepare a "V1" Manual.

Your comments will be much appreciated before i distribute this to the local Health Workers.

We have also created a poster to be posted on the different Town Unit here in Roxas,Mindoro, Philippines

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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Great job!

Thanks! :-)
Hi Michael

This all looks great - congratulations on putting the materials together! I'm not able to check the poster because of language difficulties (!), but on this (and in the User Guide) you have FrontlineSMS spelled as "Frontline SMS".

With your questions on FrontlineForms, I've asked Alex and/or Morgan to get in touch.

Best of luck with this - please do let us know how it all goes.

Thanks Ken,

I really appreciate your help. Also im so sorry that i was not able to translate the context of the Poster.

It is inviting Pregnant Women in our "Safe Motherhood Project" and informing them that upon registering,
they will receive updates from Midwives and Doctors about safe practice during pregnancy.

Registered patients will also have a free consultation through text using FLSMS. We also informing them that no fees will be collected.

Will update my manual so that i could share this to our FLSMS community.

Re guards,
is this available for all Filipina pregnant women nationwide?

Hi Rose

Not yet. :) We are launching this beta version of the Safe Motherhood Project this December in Roxas, Mindoro.
If all goes well, we should try this next in Bohol.

thanks for the reply.

Dear Mr. Ramos,

I'm working in Papua Barat - indonesia, I try to assist government here to have similar program with you, Would you share more detail about your program to me please? thanks. my email is

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