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I tried to install FrontlineSMS on my Opensuse 11.4 OS. Every time I try to install using the 'xterm' terminal it opens the frontline GUI, but it does not seem like FrontlineSMS is installed. Because I cannot find the icon or anything that says FrontlineSMS in the programmes interface.

Can you please give me steps on how to install FrontlineSMS on Opensuse and connecting a mobile that will work on this.

Thank you


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Hi Sudharshan,

We don't directly support openSUSE and I've not used it but I can have a guess at the problems:

If FrontlineSMS successfully launches from the terminal but does not appear in your "programmes interface", it's likely that there are some OS-specific configurations you need to make.

As for connecting a mobile and making it work, are you having any problems on this front at the moment? 

1) do you have a modem or phone attached to your computer?

2) when launched from the Terminal, does FrontlineSMS detect this/these?  If not:

3) are there any error messages displayed in the application or on the terminal?

Hope this helps,


Hi Alex,

Thank you for your reply. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Only just now I had the time to test it again.

Frontline SMS doe not recognise the phone. I use Sony Ericsson w850i which works on windows xp.

The error that displays when I click on auto detect is that 'FrontlineSMS cannot detect any device'.

Any suggestions please!

best wishes,


Do you know which port the phone should be detected on?


Hi Sudharshan,

This device is not recognised by default.  There are a couple of solutions:

1. create a symlink - more discussion here:

2. modify and add the following to the call to java:"/dev/ttyACM0"

Hope that helps,


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