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HI Everybody,

Im glad to be back! Sorry i was away for a project that would need multimedia tools. So now, I have to go back on our project Which is Safe motherhood Program using SMS/Frontline applications.

The project was hold for so many months and finally we had a go signal to launch it.

Now my problem was all the SIM card that was installed in the phones and from the Frontline was expired. We had to get new sets of SIMS cards and i need to start downloading forms again from phones with these new SIMS.

Now my problem was upon sending forms to the phones, i get a lot of messages throwing from front line ("new forms are now available")..i only send only once of the  form data survey, but after thet, there will be so much messages that will continue to send to the phones...I even get 100 messages containing also the same texts.

Thus our budget in purchasing "prepaid load" has becoming so costly. We have a total of 20 phones to download the forms...and every phone gets too much unwanted messages.

Hope you can help me with our problem.

Here is the attached actuall messages that keeps on sending...

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Hi Michael,

before going further in advices and help, I'd strongly suggest you download the latest version of FrontlineSMS (version It includes plenty of new features and a lot of bugs are now fixed.
If this doesn't fix your issue, then we'll proceed to a debug on your system :)

Good luck!

Thanks Morgan,

Ok We will try to upgrade the new version..but im at the middle part hu hu..well if you think
this is the only way, then we will need to upgrade the latest version.

Thanks and God Speed
Maybe this is the notorious "No forms" bug! Yikes! downloading it now

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