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Iam the University student doing my final year project concerning mobile doctor(m-doctor). I was busy googling finding smsgateway and finally I found Frontline to be the best. I have downloaded all the required resource but I  don't know what next after installing the Frontline in my pc. I dont know how to configure modem/phone to the frontlineSMS, How to intergrate FrontlineSMS with my php code and Mysql database.

Please I need help on the following parts:

1.How to how to setup my modem/phone to the frontlinesms.

2.How to intergrate frontlinesms with my php codes and mysql as I need all incoming messages to be stored in database.

Iam waiting to here from you people.

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Hi BandoraJr,


Thanks for getting in touch; its great to hear that you are looking into FrontlineSMS as part of your final year project. 

To help you with getting started we have a range of user resources on our website. To help with connecting your phone or modem, you can find a guide on our website and some troubleshooting tips in our Help files.

In order to integrate FrontlineSMS with an external database you will need to use the HTTP trigger functionality, and you can find more information on this here: 

I hope this helps, but if you need any further information please feel free to ask.



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