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hello everyone

I have some problem on the process to allow user to submit a report on Ushahidi  via sms.

 -The first thing I  obviously did is to install frontlineSms on my laptop (macbook) then plug a huawei wifi stick equiped with a SIM card. It allow to receive and send sms. Frontline Sms recognized it. well

-Next I went to my Ushahidi admin interface. And I took the FrontlineSMS HTTP Post LINK in the frontline sms addon section, then come back to frontline sms , I went to Keywords tab , selected ''None'' or ''Blanck'' field depending of the version you have of frontline ,

went to advanced options and past the link on the external command execution detail field , then i selected the ''Do not wait for respose'' option below. and click on ''done''.

- Next step I sent a message from a another phone to the number of my huawei Sim card. Frontline sms received the sms. And nothing. I was expecting to see the sms on the Ushahidi platform, but nothing.

I have to mentioned that when a sent the message my internet connection was ok. and also when I go to Message tab log on frontline sms it indicate that the external command that i set up before was hiting 3 time. normal because i sent 3 sms . but still nothing on ushahidi . I refresh so many time. Maybe i mised something ...

Anyone can help ?

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Hi Bartel

Sorry to hear you're having problems with this.

All I can suggest is that you check the external command to make sure it's complete, and without any typing mistakes. If it is correct then you're best asking Ushahidi what you can try. As you say, FrontlineSMS seems to be doing its job okay so this is possibly something you'll need to look at their end.

There should be a Forum for Ushahidi users you can post your question to.

Good luck, and please let us know how you get on.



I finally succeed the sync,  I receive sms and Frontline do directly the redirection to Ush platform So I can read it there. Im looking now to see if its possible to do this works when internet connection is down. And also see,  when I receive the sms in Frontline being able to transform the sms into an email and send it to a pre-defined email adress.

Than you Ken for your time. Have a nice day.

Hi Bartel

Ushahidi did release a fix which allowed for an unreliable Internet connection, saving up messages for re-posting if they failed the first time. They've done some work on their site so the link I had to the fix no longer works - if you ask on their Forums someone should be able to point you there.



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