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Frontline SMS "delete from phone option" not effective.

Have tried it out but the SIM does not receive more SMS's as it reaches it maximum.

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Hi Collins,


What phone make and model are you using?  It may be that your particular device does not support this feature.



Thanks Alex,

I have tried both Huawei and multi-techs modems, but both seems to be having the same constraint. I had to install cutecom , then manually delete using AT command to allow incoming SMS.

Hi Collins, sorry to hear that.  If you increase the logging level on SMSLib, then we might be able to investigate further.


To change the logging level, modify in ~/FrontlineSMS/properties/.  Change the line:






Thanks Alex,

Just back from a few days off from work.

I have modified the logging level in the as advised.

Will keep you posted as soon as it is confirm

Hello Alex,

After modifying the logging level in the as advised.

The delete option still didn't work. A friend ask me to try it out on Ubuntu 9.10

I am currently running  FrontlineSMS on Ubuntu 10.10.

What do you think?

Hi Collins,

Changing the log level shouldn't affect whether the problem occurs or not, but it should help us to diagnose the cause.  If you can suppliy us with your new verbose logs then we can take a look and see if we can spot the problem.



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