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Hey all,


I have had various problems implementing FrontlineSMS/FrontlineForms and at first I thought it was due to network coverage but now I'm not so sure, and I think there might be some problem of communication between FrontlineSMS and my GSM modem.


I'm using a Huawei E1750 GSM modem and, oddly, it can usually send messages but never receive.  Regardless of whether I am trying to submit a form or just send a plain SMS, no message is received (and my delivery notification informs me that the message failed).  I even sent a message from FrontlineSMS to my phone, received it, and immediately replied and no message was received by FrontlineSMS.  Even more oddly, it used to work, and then randomly stopped working without any changes occurring as far as I'm aware.







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Hello Josephine,


that is weird indeed!

I could think about two main reasons why this could happen now:

1) For some reason, the settings for this device have been modified, and it is not configured for receiving anymore. Check this on the "Phones" tab by double-clicking on your device when it is in the upper table.


2) You have now another software running on your computer which creates a conflict with FrontlineSMS. It might be silent, but could pick the received messages before FrontlineSMS does.


I'd suggest you check these two possible reasons. If you're sure it's not one of these, can you send an SMS again to your device, wait a few minutes, and then send us your logs ("Help"/"Submit error report").


Good luck!




I've checked both of those possibilities.  In order to submit the error report do I need an internet connection?  Is there any other way to do it?  As in, could I download the error report to a file and then e-mail that file from a different computer?

By 'send an SMS to your device' do you mean from FrontlineSMS or to FrontlineSMS?  Since the problem is with receiving not sending.



Hi Josephine,


as the problem is for receiving, I meant send an message to FrontlineSMS.

When you've done that, you can get the log files by doing this:

- Click on "Help"/"Show configuration location"

- Go in the displayed directory

- There should be a "logs' directory, go in there

- Get the file frontlineSMS.debug.log and email it to


I'll take a look at it!




Hi Morgan,


Just sent it.  Sorry for the delay.


Thanks a lot


Hello Josephine,


unfortunately, I can't see anything useful in the logs.

Are you sure there is no problem with the SIM card?


The best thing to do would be to try the SIM card connected to FrontlineSMS in a regular mobile phone, and check if you receive messages.


Tell me how you get on.




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