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Hi, everyone, we are starting to testing the new version of FrontlineSMS 1.6.12, for windows and Linux and both have problem with FORMS

When we are on Form Editor and try to add a new field and change the label name, the new value doesnt save in the label name, this problem is present in Windows and Linux version, does anyone else have the same problem?

Thank for your help...

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Hello Lester,

you can find a track of this issue here.

We fixed this and will include it in the next release (soon :-)).

Thx for quick answer, ant thx for for the link :P
So does this mean that we will not be able to create forms on FSMS 1.6.12?
Hello T.,

I never said anything like this.
We've built a new 1.6.14 version, which fixes the issue, and several others. If both of you want to try it and give us your feedback, that'd be great, as this version is still in Beta.

You can find the links here:

Windows Version
Mac Version
Linux Version (i686)
Linux Version (ia64)
Linux Version (x86_64)

Thank you so much, Morgan. I will definitely look through 1.6.14. Could you help me regarding how I can create forms then on 1.6.12? I don't have much experience with technology, and I have been trying to learn about SMS Frontline.
Hello T.,

the version 1.6.14 fixes a major issue in forms, so I'd suggest you to use it if you're interested in using forms.
Then, you can read the help files on our help site to learn how to use FrontlineSMS (these pages are accessible from the blue icons in the application). This should be all you need to get started with FrontlineSMS :)

Enjoy FrontlineSMS! \o/

Hi Morgan,

Thank you so much. I tried to create a new form on 1.6.14, but it keeps saying error. I read through everything on the help site.

Anyways, I am a student from University of Southern California, and my team from USC and I are working in Hubli, India for the summer to help solve the technical issues that the HIV/AIDS NGOs are facing with SMS Frontline. Unfortunately, none of us in the group have technological/engineering backgrounds. Even though, we have no technological skills, our group is trying very hard to figure out solutions to the technical issues so we can help the NGOs to function effectively. Would it be okay to post the technical issues here on the forum? For the past few days, I have been looking through the forum to get some insight.

Thanks again!!

Hi Tisa,

What kind of error do you have?
Hi Morgan,

For example, when I click new to create a new form, an error box comes up and prompts me to enter my email and name to send a log report. I uninstalled and removed everything and decided to download Frontline SMS again. However when I tried downloading/installing it, it says "unable to decompress: installation package corrupted."

Hi Tisa

Morgan can correct me here, but it sounds as though there might be some database issues carried over from the last version. If you go to the "Help" menu and make a note of the configuration path, shut down FrontlineSMS and using Windows Explorer delete the entire FrontlineSMS configuration folder. Then, in Control Panel, remove FrontlineSMS completely and then re-install 1.6.14.

By the way, that decompress message you're getting means that it hasn't fully or properly downloaded, so keep trying using the same link and it will eventually work.

Let us know how you get on.


Hi Tisa,

Ken is totally right. This must be caused by a conflicting database.
Let us know if deleting the FrontlineSMS configuration directory (or just the .db file, the database) fixes the issue.

Morgan \o/
I'm having similar troubles. I upgraded to 1.6.12 and the forms module won't allow me to create a form. It gives an error box. I uninstalled 1.6.12, went to the kiwanja folder in my C: programs and deleted the Frontline SMS folder there, installed 1.6.14 and still gave me the same issue.

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