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Hi, everyone, we are starting to testing the new version of FrontlineSMS 1.6.12, for windows and Linux and both have problem with FORMS

When we are on Form Editor and try to add a new field and change the label name, the new value doesnt save in the label name, this problem is present in Windows and Linux version, does anyone else have the same problem?

Thank for your help...

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Hi Linda

Have you deleted the folder given in "Help" -> "Configuration location"? The folder in C:\My Programs is *not* the one which you need to delete.

Let me know!


P.S. You'll notice from Morgan's message above that you should be able to just delete the .db file and then restart FrontlineSMS, rather than uninstall and reinstall again
Brilliant - I'm all set now after finding the location and deleting the FrontlineSMS folder totally and reinstalling.

I had some difficulties shutting all the components of FLSMS down so I could uninstall (I closed Frontline but when I tried to uninstall it said some elements were still running and didn't let me uninstall), so I did the 'control-shift-delete' trick and had to shut down a couple processes, not too much trouble at all. And forms look like they are working fine now.

Training tomorrow, and think we're all set. yay. or should that be \o/?
Well done, Linda - and sorry you had problems with this.

Most users will be installing for the first time and won't have older versions with the old database, so won't be going through what you had to do.

Good luck with the training! \o/

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