FrontlineSMS let users send, receive and manage SMS over a mobile network.

There were many comments on the Android screenshots I posted, so I would like to move the discussion into the forum.

I am currently working on an Android port of \o/, which at the moment is in an early stage, the open source project is on github at Developers, testers, translators are welcome to join :)


I welcome any feedback and ideas while the development is progressing, especially:

  • who could/would be interested in using an Android based version (which has the basic functionality, but would not have any plugin support in the beginning).
  • info on concrete use cases (field of usage, location, availability of Android devices)
  • which features are mostly demanded
    • how important is scheduled execution of actions (reply, forward, etc.)
    • how important is it to be able to execute multiple actions for one keyword - or do you mainly just execute one action per keyword

I myself am based in China, getting Android devices is not much of a problem here. I have no experience on Africa myself (yet, unfortunately).


As mentioned, the project is still under development, and open issues / ToDo's are listed here.


Any comments can be posted into this thread.


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Mathias: Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, I hit the icon, not just the label, and it works very well. I tried to download the 0.2a apk but the link is dead. Might you fix it, please? Jorge.

Hi Mathias:

I downloaded succesfuly the 0.2a apk to my smartphone. However, when I try to send a SMS to my family group, nothing happens and after repeatedly pressing the button "Send message", the following message appears:

FrontlineSMS application (process netfrontlinesms. Android) stopped unexpectedly. Try again.

Obviously the family contacts are properly registered in my google account. What is wrong?



Yes, I saw your crash in the error log. Should be fixed now, please check


btw: I added small release notes to the wiki page on


I noticed - visual feedback needs to be improved on that screen, after message has been sent (or not). Added to the ToDos.

Hi Mathias: A question: If I make changes in my Gmail groups, I would supose that those changes are reflected in my mobile app when I use it on Wi-Fi..... but that is not happening. How can I to synchronize the information between Gmail account and my mobile app?
The sync should happen automatically in Android. Make sure the sync is activated. You can check when the last sync has happened in the Android settings / Accounts&sync / gmail account. Make sure the sync is turned on, click on the gmail account and make sure the checkbox "sync contacts" is checked there. When pressing the menu button here on that screen,you can also trigger the sync manually, but usually the sync should happen automatically.
On my home screen I usually have the Power Control widget installed, so I always see the current status of wifi, sync, etc.
The FSMS app itself doesn't do anything itself about syncing, it just uses the native contacts and groups as a datasource, but the actual syncing is done by the adapters that come with the google contacts.
Let me know if it still doesn't work after you've checked above mentioned settings.
Thanks Mathias! Great explanation. I will test it in this way. The Power Control app sounds good. I will download it tomorrow morning. Saludos. Jorge.

I mean the standard widget that's already on every phone by default usually, see screenshot (add to home screen via long press, then select widget / power controls).


Hi Mathias: I want to test the app in a small group of university students and go gradually increasing the number of them according to the impact of the app over their communication habits. Can you recommend me a minimum/maximum number of students to include in the pilot test? Thanks for your help. Jorge

Hi Jorge,


I haven't had the chance to stress test the app as I don't have a test group with multiple recipients (sim cards) at hand. So I can't tell the min/max yet. Really needs to be tested at all.

What's your use case for the app? How large is your group (from-to)?


btw: there's a minor update version 0.4a available, incl. 

  • integrated Google Analytics (can be enabled/disabled in Settings)
  • fixed search functionality issues



I will try to improve the communication among the Visual Arts Department at the University of San Juan and his students. I think a initial group of test of 30 students would be OK. My previous question would refer mostly to the maximum number of subscribers that support the app before to have to use services like Clickatell or IntelliSMS. Saludos. Jorge.

Hi Jorge,

currently I found some restriction on Android in general, which doesn't allow to send more than 100 message per hour without a dialog popping up which the user has to confirm. Only way to avoid it is to root the phone. That can become quite annoying. 

I think if you are delivery to large groups, you'd reach that limit easily (cannot even send 2 sms per minute). Not sure if there will ever be a change to it, I just came across this limitation few days ago and one user confirmed it. So I need to see if there's a good way to work around it.

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